5 Workouts for Women to Do at Home



Do you enjoy exercise? Love seeing the results and the feeling you get when you’re done with a good workout? But, if you have children, a full-time job and activities in between – how do you fit in time for the gym? Answer: You do not have to go to a gym to get your daily exercise in, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

There are many fun and effective exercises that can be completed at home, here are a few workouts that women can perform at home.

1. Planks

Planks are the best types of exercise for the core muscles. They also work your obliques and abs. They may promote stability and power, improve your posture, and minimize back pain.

When performing a plank, the first step is to get into a pushup position with your feet behind you. Keep your hands under your shoulders and lock out your legs and arms. In that position, try squeezing your core muscles and holding your body stiff. Do it for as long as you can. Once you are comfortable with the basic plank variation, try out more complex variations like forearm, side and bear planks. Time yourself and try to progress each session.

2. Lunges

Performing lunges at home is simple and you don’t need much space. The exercise targets your lower body muscles. Start the exercise with your working leg forward. Keep the other leg hip distance apart and get into a split position. Ensure that the heel of your back leg is up.

Bend your knees ensuring that the front one stays over your ankles. At the final point, you should have both the front and back legs make 90-degree angles. Repeat ten sets and three reps about twice every week.

3. Mountain Climbers


Ab workouts are great, but they aren’t enough to shred stomach fat. You need some cardio for best results. Mountain climbers are perfect when you need to work up a sweat and blast the core.

Get into a plank position and lock your arms. Keep your body tight and get one knee after the other off the floor. The aim is to push your knees as far up towards your chest as possible. Repeat the motions in quick succession. You should appear to be climbing a hill.

4. Russian Twists


Russian twists are great for working your obliques. Get into a sit-up position and try crunching towards your knees. Lean back, keeping your torso at 45 degrees to the floor. With your hands clasped in front of you, try twisting side to side as fast as you can. After a few reps, you should feel your obliques engage.

You can make the exercise more difficult by lifting your legs off the floor while doing your twists. Alternatively, you can use a heavy ball for resistance.

5. Flutter Kicks


Many people struggle with lower abs and flutter kicks may be the solution. Lay on your back with your hands at the sides and your legs slightly raised. Stay flat and keep your legs together approximately six inches off the floor. Lower one leg and raise the other one. Alternate your movements in rapid succession. The exercise gives you a burn in the abdomen and it looks like you are kicking in the air.

Whether you are trying to stay fit, lose a few pounds, or get six-pack abs, you may not even need to leave your own home. However, if your current living situation isn’t ideal for a home workout, and you may need an extra room or some more space – searching nearby homes for sale can be a solution to getting a home gym sooner than later.

With some space at your new home, you can complete simple exercises like planks, Russian twists, lunges, mountain climbers, and flutter kicks. They do not require any special equipment. Working out at home three to four times every week can have incredible results on your body.

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